What to Promote with AddThis Marketing Tools For Optimal Conversions

For those of you not aware, the AddThis.com plugin is a social share plugin that has gained popularity for providing an all-in-one solution to bloggers. Over the past few months, the AddThis.com team has made several changes to their plug-in, making it more user friendly. What’s interesting is the diversity of websites this plug-in is perfect for and it does increase overall engagement. With the recent introduction of the “Welcome Bar”, I’m not surprised more people are using the custom message option to generate traffic while promoting their content. AddThis.com recently collected data and found the custom message option works well with the following types of content.

For you to make full use of this content, it’s important to leverage the AddThis.com plug-in and install the “Welcome Bar” to display custom messages. If you’re already utilizing this plugin, then let’s look at some ways to really bump up user engagement.

What is Custom Messages from AddThis.com?

AddThis.com has data from 14 million websites that will help customized your plug-in. You can set up your website to display a specific message depending on where they come from. This will allow you to target more precisely, making sure your message gets across to the right visitor, increasing your conversions. The custom message function is very simple to understand…

You can display a specific message or call-to-action depending on where they have come from. AddThis.com, through their data, can track visitor’s online behavior, displaying the right message to the right person.

Here are the most effective custom messages that produce the highest conversions. You should consider implementing these strategies into your blog going forward.


Because AddThis social plugin can display customized messages depending on their interests, then why not collect feedback on the way they perceive your content? If you’re like me, then you have 4-5 different niche relevant websites and creating customized messages for each can be tedious. With this awesome tool, you can control everything from one back end and display the right messages to the right visitors. Even if the visitors are first time visitors from an unknown source, AddThis.com has enormous data to capture the right metrics to display a targeted message. Here’s something else…

The AddThis data can be used to display tested custom messages that perform well so you are converting more than simply testing.


If you’ve been in the industry for several years, then you’ve built relationships with influential people in your industry. Having the ability to customize messages is a great way for each of you to promote the others content. Through custom messages, I can tweak the message so it promotes my partners content and place the right call-to-action directing them to the right page. They can even do the same for me, tightening our relationship while building each other’s brand. It’s a great way to promote high quality relevant content and find out what works and what doesn’t. For example,

I can test different messages on my partner’s blog then track which content gets the highest conversions. I can then focus on that content going forward.


These are a great way to build a relationship with your audience. A contest is very simple because in exchange for their opinion or vote, you’re giving away a product or service. This can be a product or service you offer and doesn’t have to be expensive. However, through contests, your main objective is to get the right type of feedback from your audience. When visitors arrive on your page, you can ask them for their feedback on anything, which gives you a better understanding of the chances you should make going forward. Depending on how things are set up, you can find out more about the content you should be writing or changing specific elements on your page. Here’s a cool trick…

Ask for their opinion and tell them they’ll be notified by email when contest is over. This way, you’re building an email subscriber list at the same time as getting valuable feedback.

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